Professional Grade Vinyl Record Cleaning

Use the Vinyl Record Cleaning System to achieve a professional grade clean of your vinyl records, restoring fidelity and dynamic range whilst eliminating unwanted noise.

The problems of reduced fidelity and increased stylus wear are caused by the ingrained fine dust, dirt and mould spores typically measuring less than 30 microns and which are held tightly in the record’s grooves. This ‘groove detritus’ as well as static is the major cause of the hiss, crackle and pops, not scratches.

How then to completely and safely remove the detritus?  Welcome to serious vinyl record cleaning by the VRC method: high fidelity record restoration with VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel.

A closeup of dust in a vinyl record.

Restoring a Vinyl Record with VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel

ESP is a highly effective vinyl record cleaner that achieves a total clean without the scrubbing or high frequency bombardment of the record’s delicate grooves intrinsic to machine based methods.

ESP is most easily applied to a record by the VRC Method using either the VRC System Kit or the VRC Mini Kit. The VRC Method is an efficient, economical and effective way of treating records with ESP and is supported by both kits. It requires no electricity, is silent in operation, involves no sloshing solutions and can be performed on any flat surface offering a couple of square feet of space – for example, a coffee table.

Records restored with ESP demonstrate a reduced noise floor, greater signal to noise performance and enhanced dynamic range. It is particularly effective on long-stored collections where mould growths may have taken root, a typical cause of mistracking. Check out the empirical findings on the Results Page.

Spectral analysis of the first few seconds of playback before and after treatment with ESP.

The graph is read left to right and shows the lead-in groove just prior to the opening notes.

A careful study of the images shows the musical material looking brighter and stronger after removal of contaminants. The original musical material has effectively resurfaced as a result of the stylus sitting deeper in the groove and becoming more reactive.  Audio transients and dynamic range have been restored contributing to a deeper sense of accuracy and realism. – Dave Askew, MediaDMA

What Makes ESP Unique

ESP delivers a number of benefits, simultaneously: it eliminates static electricity while removing all unwanted material from the groove . It does this by first dissolving any binder substances like fats, oils, nicotine etc. and then lifting the dust, dirt, mould, waxes etc into solution. The resulting mix or slurry dries into a removable skin. Peeling off the skin removes 100% of dissolved contaminants while also eliminating static electricity. No alternative treatment is as effective.

ESP is particularly effective at removing residues left by older treatment products such as Permostat and Record Revirginizer™.

Records that have been treated with ESP cannot be statically charged because a barrier of positive ions has been created ensuring negative charges cannot be created.

ESP Restore

ESP Restore is the premium product for deep cleaning and restoring older collections that have been in storage for years, possibly decades. Banish mould growths that may have developed from spores lying undisturbed in the grooves during this time. Mould is difficult to remove and often makes records unplayable. When combined with aged binding substances it can be a most difficult cleaning challenge. ESP Restore is a slower drying, powerful formulation that restores original fidelity by dissolving stubborn, deep seated growths and well bound dust and grime whilst eliminating static electricity.

ESP 78

ESP 78 is the premium product for deep cleaning and restoring shellac and vinyl 78 records. Given their vintage, 78s are older collections and can be assumed to have been in storage for decades and most likely never cleaned given their fragile nature. In common with the other ESP formulations, ESP 78 is gently applied to lift groove impurities into solution. Once dried, the resulting mask-like skin is removed for complete removal of dissolved materials. ESP 78 is slow drying and restores original fidelity by dissolving stubborn, deep seated dirt and well bound dust and grime whilst eliminating static electricity.

ESP Revive

ESP Revive is the correct choice for collections that have been regularly played and/or maintained and for use on new records. Record production cannot be assumed to occur in pristine environments. ESP Revive will remove any remnant production residues, including mould release, where present. ESP Revive will also impart an all-important protection against static electricity.

ESP Refresh

Subsequent ESP cleans should be done with ESP Refresh which is a mild formulation for periodic maintenance of records previously restored with either ESP Restore or Revive. ESP Refresh keeps record grooves in pristine condition and maintains the all important anti-static shield.

The Vinyl Record Cleaning System billboard.

Our Range of Products

  • VRC Kits configured for both larger and smaller record collections
  • Choice of VRC ESP which best suits your cleaning and restoration needs
  • Care products for your stylus, antistatic sleeves for your records
  • Replenish your System or Mini Kit with more VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel
  • VRC Kit spares

The VRC Process for Restoring Vinyl Records

An image of a clean record.

1. Measure 5ml of Easy Spread n’ Peel

An image of a man pouring VRC.

2. Pour the 5ml of Easy Spread n’ Peel

An image of a man brushing in VRC.

3. Brush the Easy Spread n’ Peel into the record’s grooves

An image of wet VRC.

4. Easy Spread n’ Peel dries in 1 hour in moving air. VRC Stack Rack holds up to 20LPs.

An image of a man holding a roll of tape.

5. Apply a piece of adhesive tape to lift the film

An image of peeling VRC.

6. Peel off the dried Easy Spread n’ Peel film

An image of a white phone in a circle.

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