Our Cleaning Service in Australia

For those who do not have the time or inclination to use their own Vinyl Record Cleaning System (or any other system for that matter), The Vinyl Record Cleaning Company offers a premium record cleaning service.

Using VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel, we will thoroughly restore your LPs, returning them static free and quieter than you’ve ever heard them. In fact, it’s likely they will sound better than you’ve ever heard them, based on what VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel customers are telling us.

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Back to Its Finest State

The Vinyl Record Cleaning System, powered by VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel, is completely effective at removing particulate matter as well as unwanted contaminants covering anything from nicotine to finger grease, saliva and oils. The reason it is so effective is that 100% of the slurry, created upon application of the cleaning fluid, is removed from the record. Quite simply, the slurry dries into a firm skin which is then peeled off, just like a face mask treatment, for complete removal of all dissolved contaminants.

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel’s deep cleansing is particularly effective on old vinyl records that seem to have grown speed bumps in their grooves. Typically, these ‘bumps’ are mould growths, the tiny spores picked up years ago having taken root.

How the Service Works

We will clean your vinyl records for $12.50 each. The service includes:

  • Deep cleaning treatment with VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel for high fidelity restoration and static electricity elimination
  • Provision of a new anti static record sleeve for each LP
  • A mini VRC label will be placed inside the inner edge of each record cover to confirm treatment
  • A courier service is employed to collect your records and return them. If you require packaging this can be provided to you

Using Our Services

An order may include up to 10 records per shipment. Packaging is provided for your use. You may of course ask to make your own shipping arrangements and we will quote accordingly.

Once you have received the packaging, which will include a work order form for you to identify the packed LPs, pack your records and a courier will be booked to collect them.

The VRC Co’s standard practice is to return the cleaned records to you within ten days. Faster turnaround may be requested.

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For more on our LP cleaning service,
call (02) 9043 6567

Customer Testimonials

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Firstly, I must tell you that I have no commercial interest, financial or otherwise, in this product. Also, up until 5 weeks ago, I had never met the company’s principal, Stephen, nor indeed anyone associated with him and/or his company…..

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We have just yesterday finished our first group of 10 albums using ESP Red cleaner and the results are AMAZING especially given that these albums were all produced in the late 70s have been stored in a plastic crate in a cupboard for 30 yrs and having originally been played in our late teens/early 20s when unfortunately they would not have been paid the due care they deserved we are astounded by the results……..

The product is so easy to use and the visual improvements are evident as soon as you peel the product off.   Having played them all we are extremely pleased it’s eliminated the popping and static and sound quality is like new……we have probably 1 dud so far which I’ll own up to as mine Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs but it was played to death and the surface shows serious signs of neglect but even it is playable again.

So yep extremely happy with the system we’ll push on with the remainder of our collection and be in touch for more product later in the year.

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Maree G; Umina NSW