ESP Red (210ml)

Recharge your VRC Kit with Red VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel (210ml).
Sufficient for twenty one 12 inch LPs


VRC ESP is a proprietary formulation designed to dissolve the impurities commonly found in a vinyl record groove. These include all manner of oils and fats, finger grease, mould and mould spores, particulate matter such as stylus dust (ie diamond dust) as well as airborne dust and danders typically attracted by static electricity. ESP emulsifies and breaks down the binders which hold this soiling to the record thereby listing these impurities into solution. The solution or slurry dries sealing the trapped impurities into a removable skin which is then peeled off to achieve a 100% removal and a pristine record groove.

ESP Red formulation offers a deeper clean for LPs with particularly ingrained challenges including deep seated mould growth.


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